Nars Labradors is a small hobby kennel located on the Eastern Shore
of Maryland. Our involvement in Labs began in 1984 with our beloved
Sir Westley Langford I (Sir).  After he passed away, we chose to get
two puppies, not just one, to bring into our household. Everyone said
to us, "You are getting two Labs to replace one". We replied, "No
Animal Replaces Sir", hence the name, "NARS".

Those two puppies started us on a long and fulfilling journey to
places we never imagined. We have met an incredible number of
friends along the way in every aspect of competitive dog events.

Due to various canine health issues, we have "taken breaks" over the
years as we study and strive to improve the health of the breed. To
breed an animal is an incredible responsibility, and should not be
taken lightly. We would rather breed infrequently with careful
planning than too frequently with no consideration for the health and
welfare of the animals we produce.

The most valuable thing for us in a Labrador Retriever is
TEMPERAMENT, as this is one of the most important characteristics
of the breed. All of our Labs are inside our home more than outside,
and are members of our family. We aim to breed intelligent, beautiful,
and happy dogs for hunting work, companionship, and the
conformation ring.